Between Kings - The Foundry

2019 July 20 at 7:00pm to 11:00pm

228 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

Brisbane, Australia post-alternative rock outfit Between Kings play with an immediacy thathas been missing from most modern rock. The band has developed a palette of songs thatpour out of the speakers with emotional intensity and vitality. When Between Kings pick uptheir instruments they aren't playing songs, they are letting the audience take a listen to theirmost intimate thoughts and feelings.

As if by fate, four boys from worlds apart met to form Between Kings - Nic Machuca(Vocals), Jordan Coyne (Guitar), Jayden Marsh (Bass) and Nick “Tricky” Fanning (Drums).The songs they created reach out and speak to their generation with inspiration emanatingfrom Nic looking in the rear-view mirror on his early life experiences growing up in SouthAfrica, surrounded by violence and crime to Jordan’s emotional passion from insecuritiesexperienced as a teenager, Jayden’s born showmanship from life growing up watching hisdad play gigs and Tricky’s desire to drum until there was a noise complaint.

Playing with a heartfelt resonance one minute, then mixing it with arena-rock balladry thenext, the band triumphantly uses melodic elements making it irresistible for rock enthusiaststo throw up the horns, or even hit the dance floor. With the group quickly developing a bondover their desire to create infectious rhythms and powerful hooks they bring together thesound that is Between Kings! \^^^/