Cub Callaway - Petersham Bowling Club

2019 June 21 at 7:00pm to 11:00pm

77 Brighton St, Petersham NSW 2049, Australia

Bruce “Cub” Callaway is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer. Cub has released two albums, "Silver and Gold" and "Fall of the Empire" and an EP "Wheel in the sky".

Cub has been able to call a great many music legends to play on the records and at live gigs including John Hoey (Died Pretty), Phil Hall (Dropbears, The Lime Spiders), Richard Ploog (The Church), Andy Nunns (Underground Lovers, AutoHaze), Zika Vuletic, Craig Marshalsey, Donovan Gall, Alex Ross & Millie Hall (Bridezilla).

Cub has played with bands such as The Saints and produced critically acclaimed albums for Ed Keupper and The Triffids.