How it works

How it works

Three (worthwhile) steps:

1. Register and create your profile
2. Post something                         

3 Share with fans and so will we! 

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For musicians


We don’t charge musicians to list on Gigs2U – and NEVER will!


As music fans, we are providing the service that we would want to see. As a business we exist through corporate sponsors, and our ad space. It’s peer-to-peer for musicians: a marketplace where music is central.


Like AirBNB, Gigs2U is supporting a community by helping you focus on the next live performance or new release, rather than all the costly, time consuming, and often soul-destroying processes involved in promoting and selling your music.


Unlike AirBNB, we’re offering this to you for free! Imagine, a free listing, supported by social media, a full profile with links to your bio, images and videos: Links that you can share. All free.


And if you are in need of other tools of the trade, we can help there too: By registering, you get access to other musicians, events, fans, collaborators, venues, rentals, hires, lessons, rehearsal space and more.



For Fans


Live music is happening every night, at venues big and small across the globe; from big name artists to outback pub bands. But how easy is to find? If you are only interested in one venue, or one band, then it’s easy. Google is there!


But what if it’s last minute, or you are in a new town? There are a hundred venues and twice as many acts. Try finding the gig for you then!  


This is where we come in. Gigs2U helps fans find live music, wherever you are. You don’t need to have an account, just check out what’s on in your area, either by specific genre or just take a lucky dip! And, if you want to plan ahead or follow a specific artist, you can subscribe for free.


We’re growing and have heaps of great features lined up


May is “Live Music” Month

Our bloggers are running a series and searching for keen "Live Music" Artists.  

To participate, post in any suitable category on gigs2u.  We'll assigned a writer, based on your profile/bio, to cover your story and produce a piece for their blog.  It’s worth making a good first impression so add pics/vids and a bio/background to your profile page, and this is what results:

  • A blog, profiling you, posted and promoted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • A T-shirt, plus a huge thanks for your contribution and time
  • Your Post(s) will be included in our daily and weekly newsletter throughout May and near your Event date, and, as always, whenever you post something new