The Mission

Gigs2U provides a music community where musos can engage in live music anywhere around the world. We're the New "AirBnB" for musicians.

We make it simple to search for live gigs and provide a platform for musicians to organically build their fan base. Bands can easily spread the word about their upcoming gigs, without the heavy cost of promotion.  


Gigs2U has been built for bands and fans to connect with each other all over the world for FREE!

The Vision

There’s no doubt if you’re a big fan of any musician, you’ll be keeping up-to-date with their latest live gigs, performances and music releases, but what about new and upcoming musicians? Sure, there’s YouTube for research, but we wanted to make it easy. We want to create a global music community to enable members to feel a part of something.

Music is the strongest form of magic.” ― Marilyn Manson

We’re bringing that magic together for music fans to get behind the live music and entertainment scene that has been embedded into modern music culture. We’re excited to bring you this platform that is essentially yours, the fans.

Bands are key. In fact, without the bands Gigs2U doesn’t reach its full potential, so we make self promoting hassle free.

We exist to connect it all together. To connect the music dots. We want everyone to have access to this music community, from all over the world; therefore it’s absolutely free for musicians and fans to join.