Hannah Rosa - The Scottish Prince

2019 May 26 at 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Shop 27/1176 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach QLD 4221, Australia

"flawless and velvety vocals" - Happy blog

"The mixture of soft vocal melodies with often haunting instrumentals creates some intense folk music that you would expect from a second or third album" - Society of Sound

"These four folk tracks are soft and well crafted. The first track Delicate Love begins elegantly, and builds into something dreamy, haunting, showing-off Hannah's ethereal vocals. This EP has similar sounds to early Daughter stuff with a softer, folk feel." - 4zzz (discussing Hannah's second EP 'Buried Alive')

"Really delightful tune with sneaky undertones of sinister strings. Really well crafted. Four stars." - Alex Dyson, Triple J (discussing 'Buried Alive')

"personal favourite of the night...beautifully crafted, honest and personal songs" - AAA Backstage

"She controls the stage like a pro and it is easy to see how much she enjoys playing live. The melodies are sweet, songs well put together and the voice … amazing." - WordsImagesMusic


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