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Shifting from acoustic singer/songwriter towards electronic music producer was an evolution that has paid off for Christian Patey. In 2018, when a sample of his music was plucked from SoundCloud and used in an album by Drake protégé PartyNextDoor, it was the stepping stone that led from the Sunshine Coast to the USA.

Patey says, “Ever since I’ve gotten into electronic music it’s kind of opened up a lot of doors. I was pretty excited when this hip-hop stuff was going on so I started to listen to a lot more, and I wanted to make those sorts of sounds. I spent a year making hip-hop samples. That was really good, and got me into producing more”.

It also got him the opportunity to visit LA, along with collaborator and UK producer Alabaster, and take part in an all-night production session in a home studio in the suburb of Van Nuys. It was an eye-opening experience.

“It was a very different setup to how we work, they were there until four in the morning, going crazy all night. This was a Monday night, producing very loud songs, people coming and going all night.”

If coming from the Sunshine Coast has imbued his soulful, chilled out music, it has also influenced his approach to work. Patey describes himself as a ‘daytime’ producer, alternating sessions in the studio with trips to the beach.

“America is so full on, it kind of wasn’t my scene. I kind of prefer to make it how I do, send it on, and that’s my part done. They like the vibey chilled sounds, it’s very weed orientated music. The trippy, chilled out smooth sounds; I think it works for them.”

It’s testament to the Internet that this global connection can be made at all. Patey says, “ The people you can reach and work with now just through Instagram is insane. You had to go through managers or labels back in the day but now its direct, straight to the person”.

Closer to home, Patey collaborates regularly with Gold Coast electro-pop singer, Ella Fence and together they have just released the dreamy single, ‘Waterside’. This has come hot on the heels of his funky solo single ‘Critics’, which has been receiving airplay on Triple j’s Unearthed program.

Collaboration with others, like Jimmy2sox of Flight Facilities, Brisbane duo YesYou, and many more, is another one of the positive upshots of moving from the acoustic to the electronic realm.

Patey says, “A lot of acoustic stuff I’ve done has just been myself. Once you get to the electronic realm it’s always more fun, you come up with different sounds. You go in together and sometimes you basically push each other, you feel like you have to perform a little bit more”.

Patey will be hitting the road with a new band he is putting together for upcoming live shows. Check Gigs2U for a venue near you.

Christian's Live in May!

19th May Mexicali, 
22nd May El Capitano 6pm
23rd May Cafe Le Monde 5pm
24th May Balter Brewing Company, Currumbin 4pm 
25th May Treehouse On Belongil, Byron Bay 7.30 pm
31st Wintergarden, Brisbane 3pm. (Band)

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