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The members of alt-rock Melbourne band All the Colours have been around the block. Two of them (bassist Josh Moriarty and drummer Jonathan Toogood) have been jamming together since they were in their teens in New Zealand, and Joshua Mann (guitar, vocals) has been gigging in Melbourne since 2004. The band came together in 2012 and have been shredding ever since, gracing stages in Australia and overseas, and releasing two well received albums with a third on its way.

Mann tells me that if he’s learned one thing over his years in the music industry it’s this, “Be more patient, and sow seeds on good soil”. Also this, “It’s all about the slog”. And he adds, “Some people are lucky and get stuff overnight, but it’s such a small fraction of a number that you might as well not even mention it. Everyone else gets where they are through hard work, repetitive hard work. That is key.”

Just as any independent band in a constantly changing landscape, they also have to keep up with ways to get their music heard while using resources wisely. Resources can be limited in a line of work known for financial insecurity, and as Mann points out, “Most industries wouldn’t survive a day if they attempted to pay you in alcohol what they were supposed to pay you in money.” He adds, “You have to keep pushing stuff, using those free angles like social media. We’ve done work with PR companies before and had pretty much the same outcome, except we’ve spent thousands of dollars.”

These guitar-worshipping rockers have gained a reputation for their blistering live shows, and recently completed a weekly residency at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney, something of a spiritual home for them. They have also supported high profile bands including Eagles of Death Metal, and have plans to announce a slew of gigs in LA soon, where they recorded their forthcoming record.

The band recorded ‘Vol. 3’ at Vox Recording Studio almost a year ago, and it’s due to be released before the end of 2019. Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear was producing, and Mann describes the experience as a career highlight.

“The gear was amazing, but it was everything all together. There was this moment on the last day when we were listening to all the mixes and there was a particular song with a particular section that’s quite emotive. And I started tear up a little bit because it was like, ‘this is everything that you’ve dreamed of’.”

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For All the Colours, the dream might not have happened overnight, but it did happen.

Photos by Stu Morley

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