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Being a musician is hard work! And finding a musician to play on your big day, equally as hard ... until now! We're Free and Easy - helping musicans to showcase their work. Coming soon "online musician bookings"

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What We Do

Gigs2U embodies music and live entertainment. Our vision is simple - to connect bands, musicians and music fans around the world.

Another way we achieve this goal is by connecting event organisers, venues, promoters, bands and fans by making hiring bands and musos a straightforward and stress-free process.

Finding and hiring an awesome band when and where you need has never been easier!

Whether it’s for large events with big numbers, or an intimate setting, Gigs2U is your one-stop site to hire awesome acts near you.

Venues and organisers – Hire great bands in a range of genres through our user-friendly hiring page at Gigs2U.

Bands – Be found! Build relationships with great venues near you, promote your band and build your fan base.

For great live acts and entertainment, including awesome up-and-coming Aussie bands, hire a band or muso easily , and we’re FREE!